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Pasaje Gáller nº6
08830 - Sant Boi de Llobregat

     +34 931 933 339
     +34 666 987 931
Pasaje Gáller nº6
08830 - Sant Boi de Llobregat

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1. How to get to AeroParking Barcelona
Please, go to Aeroparking Barcelona facilities.

The main official Barcelona dealers work with us to offer better services and greater confidence.
AeroParking Barcelona
  • AeroParking Barcelona - Headquarters 50% cheaper than
    the airport parking
  • AeroParking Barcelona - Outdoor facilities The best service.
    Personalized service.
  • AeroParking Barcelona - Indoor facilities Security:
    closed and guarded 24h parking
  • AeroParking Barcelona - Vehicle Fleet We operate in both
    T1 and T2
  • AeroParking Barcelona - Vehicle Fleet The best service.
    Personalized service.
With Interior confort everything is simple and convenient.

Once you arrive to our facilities, please leave your vehicle and we will take you immediately to T1 / T2 terminal of the Airport for you to take the flight.

Call us when you are back and we will pick you up in a few minutes and take you to Aeroparking Barcelona to collect your vehicle. [!] Limited Places [!] NO DISPONIBLE

  • Port Parking Barcelona – Headquarters Closed and guarded
    24h parking.
  • <strong>Closed and guarded <br/>24h parking.</strong> Closed and guarded
    24h parking.
With Aeroparking you can save time and money. Book our Plus Service and you will prevent transfers, our staff will pick up and return your car directly at the terminal T1 or T2, at a great price.
Book and travel. Just call 15 minutes before arriving at the airport and we go to the terminal to pick your vehicle up. When you come back, call us and within a few minutes we will bring you your car back.

Parkings "Aeroparking PLUS" are covered and closed, in a modern three plants building, with security cameras, alarm, lighting and guard 24 hours a day.
[!] Limited Places [!] NO DISPONIBLE

Exterior Low Cost
  • 50% cheaper than
    the airport parking
  • The best service.
    Personalized service.
  • Closed and guarded
    24h parking.
With Exterior Low cost service enjoy the cheapest parking at Barcelona Airport. Once at our facilities leave your vehicle and moved to Terminal T1 / T2 to take flight. The outdoor parking spaces are within our facilities and monitored.

Call us when you are back and we will pick you up and take you to Aeroparking Barcelona to collect your vehicle. [!] Limited Places

  • AeroParking VIP Business - Headquarters Collect and deliver
    your vehicle at the terminal.
  • AeroParking  VIP Business – Exclusive Fleet Forget about parking.
    Optimize your time.
  • AeroParking  VIP Business – Covered premises Your car in hands of
    expert drivers.
  • AeroParking  VIP Business – Maximum security Exterior Valet included.
With Interior confort + Servicio VIP, our staff will pick your car up at T1 or T2 terminal and will take you straight to our guarded and closed premises.

Please call us when you are back and we will give you your car ready and freshly washed in a few minutes.
[!] Limited Places

Services MotoSport
  • AeroParking Service MotorSport – Headquarters MotoSport Services.
    A wide range of servicies for your vehicle.
  • AeroParking Service MotorSport – Exclusive services Full Valet
    (upholstery, roof, rims and vacuum)


- Interior valet and double waxing.
- Textile upholstery cleaning
- Leather upholstery cleaning
- Rims polishing
- Headlights and rear lights restoration
- Total disinfection, ozone technology

Exterior valet and double waxing.
We have a soft car wash and high technology osmosis water.
Bodywork polishing.


Textil upholstery cleaning.
We provide you experts in hygiene and textile upholstery car cleaning. We use the latest machinery and we work with the highest quality ecological products.

Leather upholstery cleaning.
We clean and maintain carefully the leather upholstery of your car. Our selection of products is specially designed for a perfect leather cleaning and maintenance.

Rims polishing.
This service complements vehicle cleaning, same as with upholstery cleaning.

Headlights and rear lights restoration.
Because sun and weather, headlights and rear lights of your vehicle can get burnt and also polycarbonate can turn yellow.

Total disinfection, ozone technology.
Ozone technology eliminates germs and smells. These contaminant substances are found in hot or humid microclimates of your vehicle’s air conditioning system and can cause diseases, different pathologies and also bad smells. After this treatment, all bacteria, moulds and spores will be totally eliminated.

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